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Hello, my name is Mary Griffin I am the creator and illustrator of THE HEZICOS TAROT – a unique 78 card tarot deck, available now to purchase from this site.

The Hezicos Tarot was first created a year ago taking creative inspiration from everything around me.  Then drawn as A4 pencil illustrations. All the paintings in my deck are watercolours. I also work in oils and acrylics.

As you look through my site you will see that as well as fantasy artwork, commissions of cats, dogs, magical mermaids and fairy paintings, I also specialise in small pieces of “Trompe l’oeil” as well as unusual Painted Furniture. Click here to see some photos of breitling replica me and my work.

I am a Tarot Artist and Psychic Clairvoyant specialising in readings either one to one or to small spiritual groups.

I do hope you enjoy my website and the Hezicos Tarot images.

I am absolutely thrilled to be voted Third best published deck in 2010. Click on the badge to view the Top Ten.....

I am pleased to let you know that the original artwork, which I lovingly created for the Hezicos Tarot Cards, is now available to buy. I have placed unique links on each piece to make it simple for you to contact me with your interest. Thanks for visiting, and rolex replica your generous feedback!

Bob The Dog
Bob The Dog