cats and dogs spectating from the fence
Dogs and Cats finally getting along and watching from the garden fence.
fox with cubs
A fox with her cubs enjoying the day.
comissioned cat with child
A family pet pictured with one of the children.
jack russel
Detailed portrait of a Jack Russel.
tiger portrait
Closer than one would like to be to a predator, such as this Tiger, but beautiful none the less.

Lady in a Bath
Witch in Water.
Tiggy the cat
Meet Tiggy the cat. Tiggy likes fish, and the garden.
cat commission
Egyptian Cat.

I specialise in painting dogs and cats placing them in unusual surroundings with personal items connecting them to their owners.

Also shown are samples of other styles of my work.

the fairy cook
The Fairy cook.

fairys in soup
These little fairys are almost done.
next fairy to get it
This little fairy is next.
fairys on tray
These little fairys are about to be served.
fairy seeking help
This little fairy is trying to get help.
fish and finger
A fish and finger.

If you are interested in a commission – please contact me by email for further information.

Bob The Dog
Bob The Dog