Welcome, my name is Mary Griffin and I am the creator and artist of THE HEZICOS TAROT.

Mary Griffin

I have always painted since a child. Art to me, in all its forms, is wonderful, enlightening and very spiritual.  I was fortunate enough to come from an artistic family and was always encouraged to expand my imagination.

My style is very unusual and my artwork has plenty to explore. I work in most mediums, specializing in paintings of animals and fairy folk also “Trompe l’oeil” and painted furniture.  I have completed many private commissions as well as exhibited in the UK, selling my work to France, Spain and India, also teaching art and tarot.

For many years I have been working privately, one to one, as a psychic clairvoyant specialising in tarot but could never find a deck that connected to me personally, so I decided to create my own.

The Hezicos Tarot is not a Medieval, Celtic or Wicca deck. I have kept a Rider-Waite theme running through the cards thus enabling beginners to learn with ease. 

For me painting the Major Arcana was a sheer indulgence, the cards have everything in them that I love to paint.

As a beginner, when I first started studying the tarot, I found some instruction books accompanying decks to be complicated and difficult to understand, so with this in mind my book of instructions are simple and straightforward. 

The Hezicos Tarot will be easy to use and beautiful to look at, hopefully it will inspire you to travel further down your own spiritual and psychic path-way.

Bob The Dog
Bob The Dog